Cullen Dixon

     Cullen DixonCullen Dixon is a rotation student in the Translational Plant Science Ph.D. program here at OSU and he is rotating in the Gschwend Lab for his second rotation of three.  Originally from Frackville Pennsylvania, Cullen attended Penn State University where he attained a degree in Plant Sciences with a minor in Plant Pathology.  His previous research as an undergraduate has been published in the Journal of Chemical Ecology which focused on a naturally produced, innate anthocyanidin pigment in sorghum that he and his lab at Penn State were able to show possessed both fungicidal and insecticidal properties.  Cullen has a profound interest in agriculture, as well as genetics and breeding, so finding a field in which he can practice both of his interests is very rewarding and exciting!  Specifically, he is most interested in the improvement of staple food crops for trait development, plant incorporated protectants, and other projects involved in direct downstream effects on the agricultural sector involving plant genetics.  Cullen is super excited to begin work in the Gschwend Lab and can't wait to see what is in store!