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Pennycress abiotic stress

Pennycress Waterlogging Tolerance


      Pennycress is a bioenergy oilseed crop.  As a winter annual cover crop, pennycress is subjected to waterlogging due to snow melt and spring precipitation, which may affect yield.  The Gschwend lab is investigating the effects of waterlogging stress on pennycress growth, development, and yield, as well as the genes that underlie a response to waterlogging stress and recovery.  We are also working to identify genetic variation that can provide resilience to waterlogging in natural pennycress accessions, with the goal of integration into domesticated pennycress lines. 

     As a collaborator on the Integrated Pennycress Resilience Project (IPReP), the pennycress research being done by the Gschwend lab will contribute to the broad collaborative effort of improving abiotic stress tolerance in pennycress.